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Colonia 12 Giugno
Really not great news from this Anga Cable, the number one of satellite fairs in Europe, regarding satellite device; a lot of iptv system for community and hotel, but really nothing of “never saw…i must to buy it”.
At Dream multimedia booth, same models actually in the market, the new is just a big screen with an original Dream Multimedidia cartoon, regarding a new device with mysterious and pretentious name : Goliath !!!! (brrrrr…i was afraid of that  ) Official DM communication HERE
Seems some clones Chinese productor are already working in a project called David……I will not sleep so quiet  if I was  Dream Multimedia, seen as it goes to finish the story between the two ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goliath )

Some news also from Vu+: here you go the remake of Vu+ duo and Vu+ Solo both available for the begin of next year. The first one will have a Dual core CPU 1,3 GHz,  hdmi 1,4  high definition color display and WIFI inside. The old dual twin tuner will be replace with tuner plug and play like Uno or Ultimo.

VU+ Solo has still one tuner but now plug and play, same CPU of VU+ Duo (1,3), and a new display.

Still alive!!!!!! Duolabs back with new products: a double card  cam (called Diablo 2 Twin),  a double card cam WIFI(Diablo 2 twin Wifi), and a Diablo 2 called PRO. Duolabs also announced two new cams: first one with the ethernet plug, in order to have internet access without wifi. Second one a GSM cam….you put a telephone sim card in the cam, and you will have access to the internet, also without  adsl connection…..great creativity!

Stay tuned maybe tomorrow i’ll have more interesting stuff to show you .

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